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Is a Colombian-American brand that was born as a result of deep consumer analysis of style and beauty needs of women of Hispanic origin in the United States. As a result of this analysis are beginning a process of development of beauty products remodelers, reducing and therapeutic for the first time which have been collected into one brand.


At PonteBella we had designed a wide range of products to maintain, improve your figure, or return to your original figure. The products are designed with high quality standards and manufactured with advanced technology, and have been endorsed by highly specialized American plastic surgeons.


Many of our products  have different functions such as shape (Powernet Line, Line Latex), therapeutic (Line Latex, Powernet Line, Line scan), maintenance (Light line, middle line, nylon line) , plus in each of these lines are blended with features different therapeutic techniques such as thinning and medical therapy and magneto therapy rubber (latex girdle, and latex with 48 magnets for the vest and the waistband 42 magnets for "star products" ), all of the above products to achieve their goal through redistribution and elimination of body fat.


PonteBella therefore has all the necessary elements to make you more beautiful and becomes the only brand to "think of your figure."